Barony of Barya

Baron Hetfelt Barya I married to Nikhellsee (daughter of King Stephen). Son: Hetfelt II. Had largely given up on ruling his Barony. Had basically abdicated the Peaks to the Maximus Mining Company and Dawncaster to the Town Council. However, he is now being influenced by the Church of Pholtus/League of Light to again be more active.

The plains of the Barony tend toward Barley Fields. Barley, Beer and Whiskey are the major exports of this Barony, along with the Platinum from the mine.

The Baron’s men are not typically found north of the river, although the Barony’s Grant goes north to the abandoned Watchtower.

To the north is mostly unclaimed wilderness, although more ambitious Baryas have claimed rights far to the north. The Free City of Northport is north along the coast. To the south is the Barony of Shmast.

Just north of the regarded Barony border is a Swamp. near the Swamp is Benthy Tower, a former Wizard’s tower. (A past colleague of Rahjey.) Near the tower and swamp is the Village of Stostone.

Barony of Barya

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