Welcome to Dawncaster!

(From the intro text of Intro adventures:) Your character has been mysteriously transported to the Town of Dawncaster in the Barony of Barya. Many of the residents of the Town at this point are inexperienced adventurers who are also recent arrivals from their different planes. You have spent the last few days learning the lay of the land, wondering about the mystery that has drawn so many people here.

However, Dawncaster is not the most friendly place for new arrivals these days.

Thieves Guild Thugs roam the streets looking to press people into their Gang, when they are not simply setting wild dogs loose in the street.

In response, the League of Light has started to parade through the streets trying to bring Light and Order, trying to combat the Guild, repress the rabble and defeat rumors of rebellion.

Some think Dawncaster is now too crowded, and are looking for opportunities outside the walls. The Marketplace posting board always has leads. Many speak of heading to the Three Peaks, where much treasure is said to be found in the many dungeons found there.

The Krynnish Gods of Good have set up a Mission NW of Dawncaster in Napenville.

Farther afield, glory seekers can go to seek fame in the Northport Arena as Gladiators, or explore the bustling City there. However the road is currently blocked by savage bandits.

To the south, The Barony of Shmast is ruled by an oppressive, evil family.

Others think the Sewers and Catacombs beneath Dawncaster are far enough to get away from the crowds and conflict, at the trade off of more monstrous dangers.

But none of that is of an immediate concern. You now find yourself…

Crossroads Campaign